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For convenience in irrigation and an easy irrigation, Esen Plastik PEP Latched Agricultural Irrigation Pipes are made of hard PE. These pipes which may be particularly used in spring irrigation and in any kind of irrigation systems are produced in conformity with TSE 12734 standard. Esen PEP pipes are 5m and 6m long and have an operating pressure of 6 bars. They are produced in diameters of Ø75, Ø90, Ø110, Ø125, Ø140 (clamped), Ø160 (clamped). Esen PEP Cleaty Agricultural Irrigation Pipes are unbreakable and more resistant to natural conditions. Used in any kinds of irrigation, these pipes may also be used on sloping rocky and rough terrain with a poor composition. Esen PEP is extremely easy to install. They are connected by a rubber seal and the latches on both sides.

Cleaty Springler Pipe Springler Tee Connection Cleaty S
Cleaty Elbow Cleaty Tee Cleaty Readucer
Cleaty Quarted Cross Seal PVC Elongation Pipe
Pump Junction Cleaty Female Cleaty Male

Cleaty End Plug



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