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No more leaks with Esen Water Retaining Strips...

Esen PVC Water Retaining Strips produced by Esen Plastik A.S. reduce the effect of vibrations which may occur in buildings for various reasons and prevent any potential deteriorations caused by the actions of concrete components while providing waterproofing between concrete blocks. Produced in conformity with TSE 3078 standard, the water retaining strips are used in dams, tunnels, weirs, water reservoirs, treatment plants, channels, bridges, underground and sewage systems. In the ion of the PVC plastic strip type made use of in concrete works, it must be know whether waterproofing shall be achieved in the joints or action transfers shall be prevented or whether an application in which both are given emphasis. If the building is required to protect against the water pressure in the ground, then the PVC water retaining strips in the joints are applied to those surfaces of the concrete contacting the water to prevent water leaks inward. If there is no pressurised ground water and if transfer of dynamic actions are required to prevent in the joints, then central type PVC water retaining strips used in the centre of the pipe section must be preferred.

If the building is constructed in a seismic zone or in places where flooding is expected, a strip type which shall pevent excessive stresses which may occur and which is resistant to stresses in crosswise directions must be chosen. For complete waterproofing, water retaining strip must be very well enveloped by the concrete. Concerte must be of proper consistency, and concrete must be cast in stages and vibration applied so that there should be no air gaps around the strip. There must not be any impurities such as mortar, dust, etc. on the surface of the water retaining strip. Otherwise, adherence of the strip to the concrete is reduced.  Before casting the second stage concrete, it must be checked whether or not any mortar has attached to the other wing of the strip while casting the first stage concrete and cleaned if necessary. Water retaining stripsrequired to store in enclosed areas must be protected against direct sunlight as well as such external factors as snow, rain, etc. and must not be allowed to contact lubricants and bituminous substances. It is very important not to place any special parts to be used on top of one another.



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