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They have an even and smooth surface. They are resistant to pressure and atmospheric conditions. They are appropriate for the transfer of any and all fluids thanks to their high resistance to chemicals.

Esen UPVC Presuure Pipes are produced in conformity with TS 274, EN 1452 ve DIN 8062, 19532 norms. Rigid UPVC Pressure Pipes are the mostly used product in the transfer of drinking water world wide due to their easy installation and transport, firmness and sanitary properties. Adopting quality as a principle, ESEN PLASTIK continuously tests and analyses any products which it produces in its laboratories specially established for this purpose. ESEN PLASTIK Rigid UPVC Pressure Pipes have been a much sought-for product due to their resistance to pressure and atmospheric conditions, even and smooth surface and compliance with health conditions.

ESEN PLASTIK Hard PVC Fresh Water Pipes are approprate for the transfer of any and all fluids with their high resistance to chemicals. Please find here below some of the fludis to which PVC pipes are resistant.

Chemical Name 20oC 50oC
Acetic Acid D D
Gasoline D D
Hydrochloric Acid D D
Nitric Acid D SD
Sulphuric Asit D D

D: Resistant SD: Limitedly Resistant



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