Esen Plastik


Natural solutions for natural resources!

Technological developments brings forward changes relating to new energy uses and needs relating to natural gas installations as well. We, Esen Plastik, consider such developments and changes to be natural with a production at international quality standards and offer you Esen PE 80 natural gas pipes. At Esen Plastik, it is essential to produce quality and defect-free products supported by research in laboratory environment. In the natural gas pipes production, a state-of-the-art technology which tests the wall thickness and ovalness of the pipe and ensures them to remain within precise measurement limits. Esen Plastik is prepared to satisfy all your requirements in heating with its experienced specialised staff members in line with TSE, ISO 9002 quality assurance systems.

With its highly flexible composition, it is an indispensable product for earthquake-resistant networks. In production, PE 80 raw material supplied form such companies whose reliability has been accepted all over the world.




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