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Advantages of the piping systems:
Esen has a strong innovation power proven by the development of its corrugated sewage piping system.
  • Complete sewage and rain water draining system
  • Large nominal dimensions: provide integration of DN100 and DN500 mm (DN = ID, nominal inner diameter).
  • Made from HDPE material in order to guarantee a high flexiblity (Young’s) and wall hardness of SN 8 as per DIN EN ISO 9969.
  • joining cambered seams with a lower force,
  • performing an easy installation,
  • joining piece and the pipe having the same hardness properties,
  • using a special seal system,
  • adapting to fit in all the sewage piping systems and not making any hydraulic changes due to its safe connection method.
  • Lightweight

    Developed in a special design, Esen Corrugated HDPE pipes are seen to be much lighter when compared to other pipes.


    Esen Corrugated cambered pipe is more flexible and firmer compared to standard hard pipes thanks to its profile, extraordinary flexiblity and rim rigidity. .

    High Quality

    Machines producing Esen Corrugated pipes are manufactured by the high German technology and designed not to allow the production of poor pipe quality. .


    Esen Corrugated pipes do not cause harm to the environment and are produced in a structure in harmony with the nature.

    Advantages of Esen Corrugated Piping Systems:
    • Channelises great amounts of water up to a diameter of DIN ID 500
    • Has a two-layer construction
    • Is flexible and does not leak water in difficult ground conditions and is easy to install Can be installed without problems at low temperatures
    • Does not distort under heavy traffic load in low earth cover due to its flexible composition
    • It is handled for lower transport costs during transport and installation as it is lighweight
    • It has a length of 6 meters excluding joining pieces in order to enhance safety (it may be optionally produced in other lengths as well)
    • Pipes may be safely connected to each other with collars and twin-seals thanks to their flexible cambered pitches
    • In the safe connection cambered line systems, seal ring is used to joing the seams and thanks to its guaranteed welding resistance, joining may be performed by welding method as well
    • Is harmless in chemical and biological terms
    • Has excellent hydraulic properties
    • Does not hold dirt on it
    • Is long-lasting
    • Esen Corrugated Pipes are made of 100% UV added HDPE or PP materials for sewage systems
    • HDPE is environment friendly and 100% recoverable Has a high resistance to corrosion
    • Has a very good abrasion resistance
    • Thanks to the iner colour of the pipe, it is guaranteed to easily examine the interior with a camera
    • Thanks to HDPE and PP material and pipe design, high pressure flow is possible
    Places of Application and Use
  • Sewerage
  • Rain water discharge
  • Sewerage and complex water channels
  • Various special solutions for industry and business
  • Soil / ground water discharge
  • Domestic water discharge
  • Construction of pipe walls and HDPE material guarantee an excellent rim flexibility and rim rigidity stability. As it is produced in conformity with static computations, Esen Corugated piping system is used in places where there is a heavy traffic load. In the SLW 60 area, those values which allow Esen Corrugated pipes to be laid without problems in shallow depth (for instance 0.60m) and deep depth (for instance 6m) are determined at the time of production. .

    However, in case an individual static verification is required, then it will be sufficient to contact us at Our team ready to support the customers at all times makes the computations as soon as possible



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