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Due to it’s special o-ring, wall thickness which is produced according to European and World standarts, smooth surface and durability, installations are now more convincing...

Produced from Rigid PVC, ESEN Sewage Pipes and fittings are fastidiously produced in conformity with TS 275-1 and EN 1329-1 standards. Prioritising quality at all times, ESEN PLASTIK has occupied the first place in the construction sector with sewage pipes and fittings market in a short time. ESEN PLASTIK sewage pipes are used at the disposal of the construction sector with its rich fittings support.

  • Produced according to European and World standards with their 3.2mm wall thickness.
  • They are resistant to acids and alkalis.
  • They are silent pipes. One cannot hear the sound of the water flowing through the pipes.
  • They do not retain sediments and lime and has a high liquid flow rate due to their smooth surface.
  • They are firm, do not break nor require painting
  • They are cheap and easy to lay.
  • They do not corrode and are long lasting.
  • They are easy to transport and handle.
  • They are not inflammable.
45 Elbow Open
Cleaning Tee
87 Elbow
Single Branch
TE Branch
S Siphon
Double Branch
Closing Tap



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