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Esen Therm PPRC Sanitary Pipes which Esen Plastik A.S. offers through its reliable servicing network technical know-how and advisory services are the best quality products for an economical and excellent installation.

Produced in three colours –white and grey, and green, Esen Therm PPRC Sanitary Pipes are preferred for the hot and cold sanitary plumbing systems of buildings all over the world due to their durability, long life (not less than 50 years) and that they do not contain carcinogen substances.

In particular, the type with foil which is resistant to higher temperature offers the correct solution in central heating services. As it does not have any absorbing properties, it is not affected by chemicals and changes in humidity ratios. It may be applied to industrial pipines, greenhouse irrigation, water treatment, pool, yacht, ship and boat installations by the no-leak directly-wleded installation technique.

Installation of Esen Therm PPRC Sanitary Pipes and Fittings and the reliability of the piping are depended on the material as well as the seams of the installation and the goodness of the connection of the pipes and fittings. As the fittings and pipes used in Esen Therm PPRC systems are made of the same material, they form homogeneous connetctions.

Alu- Foiled Pipe
Pipe Bridge
Elbow 45
Elbow 90
Female Adaptor
Male Elbow
Female Elbow
Male Tee
Female Tee

Inequal Tee
Threaded Cap

Joining the Esen Therm PPRC Sanitary Pipes Esen Therm pipes are joined with welding machine. Known as the socket welding, this method is employed to join in a and longitudinally durable manner. Pipe ends and fittings are heated by a welder with a heating fixture. Once a temperature of 260°C has been reached joining can be done.



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