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Esen Plastik has produced the pipes operating at a temperature range between +90°C and –50°C from PE-X B equivalent material for this system which solves the central heating service of an apartment with a single column, using sheated pipes under the ground. In case of puncture due to external impact, the carrying pipe in the sheath may be very easily replaced. These pipes are passed through a sheath. The sheath protects the pipe. Further, it serves as an air cushion and provides heat insulation as well. It is of spiral type so that no sectional narrowing should ocur during bending. Protective spiral pipes are red and blue in colour. Those red coloured ones are used in the line coming in the radiator and those blue coloured ones in the return line. Sheath diameter is 25mm. Return distance of the pipes from the collector to the radiator is 25mm in each way. Incoming and return of the pipes from the collector to the radiator may be in different forms. Of such forms, the most widespread one is referred to as double-piped. Temperature incoming the radiator is 90°C and that returning to the radiator 70°C. At such temperatures, it is convenient to use the Cross-Link pipes which are the best in durability. Also, thanks to this system, no eye-disturbing pipes are by any means visible in an apartment. As the number of columns is reduced to one, there’ no need of drilling so many holes. Thanks to this system, the pressure losses occurring in the column pipelines have also been minimised. As this makes the flow of water easier, a pump with a lower capacity may be chosen. Thus, energy can also be saved.

Cross-Link floor heating system This is a system created by laying Esen Cross-Link pipes for heat transfer from the floor. As the floor heating systems provide thermal comfort, they provide heating close to ideal. The temperature difference between the feet and the head is 2°C which is better than 3°C as prescribed by ISO standards.



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