Esen Plastik


Adds value to buildings with easy fitting, fluid properties and aesthetic appearance...

Esen PVC Roof Gutter and Fittings are easy-to-fit and high quality products used to collect rain water from the periphery of the roof and guide it to waste water discharging line.

Esen Plastik A.S. Roof Gutters and Fittings are produced in 150mm. Esen Plastik A.S. roof gutters and Fittings are produced to conform TS 608 standard.

Experienced staff members of Esen Plastik A.S. have achieved to cause high technology to meet quality and economy under the ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System, thus creating a brand much sought for in the domestic and international markets.

Roof Gutter Downward Slope Inner/Outer Elbow
Socket Endplug Clamp



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