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Esen Technology

ESENPLASTIK, invests in new generation technological products and appears before us by having a power of change which shall contribute to the company institutionalism and service quality, improving customer relations, research & development activities, product marketing and human resources management strategies.

ESENPLASTIK development basing upon correct and significant principles and rapid and productive use of its machine pool, computer and communication technologies used in manufacturing allows for a scalable and quality production planning and ensures affirmative progress in opening the company to the domestic and international markets.

The importance which ESENPLASTIK places on technology allows for effective operations at each and every stage of manufacturing and marketing starting from the R&D activities and enhamces productivity. Uninterrupted and fast communication of any commercial, technical and corporate information is ensured by central data storage systems via “Developed Computer Networks” in its own organisation (including all the branch offices) and in the customer/dealer relations.

Real time data are obtained from the Gateway, Router, Switch, Server, Client hardware which comprise ESENPLASTIK Network (VPN-LAN-WAN) infrastructure, thus ensuring disponibility, band width optimisation, error management and performance management. All information systems management and structuring, configuration management and modifications of the hardware comprising the Network structure, regular taking of back-ups of data are all implemented by the “Data Processing Department” of ESEN itself. In the field of manufacturing, the Barcoding System allows for regular inputs/outputs through correct production planning by passing all the raw materials, equipment and products through a controlled and fast manufacturing stage.

ESENPLASTIK, implements all the operations of Accounting-Finance Management, Inventory Management, Outsourcing Management, Sales and Service Management, Manufacturing, etc. via the NETSIS Commercial programme. It makes use of the MRP1 and MRP2 modules of NETSIS in such subjects as production resources planning and material needs planning. In order to ensure the continuity of the real time manufacturing, it shall keep adding to its organisation the innovations of the MRP systems in the future as well. It shall maintainits corporate concept basing upon ERP (Enterprise esource Planning) for the identification of business objectives and requirements by the prsent day conditions, evaluation of potential solutions, producers and value-added sellers and making of plans for the future but not for the present and shall also include such CRM (Customer Relations Management) projects which shall bring about innovations.




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