Esen Plastik

Esen Plastik A.S., a leader in its sector with all the types of pipes which it has been manufacturing for infrastructure, superstructure and agricultural irrigation piping systems from 1976 to the present day Esenpen... a rising brand incorporated to manufacture PVC Shutters, Wainscoting and Suspended Ceiling in 1985 and then having combined its quality with its modern manufacturing plant and innovative designs in PVC door and window profiles.

Employing the advanced technology in the manufacturing of PVC door, window and shutter profiles and offering its quality products with a rich range in plastic pipes and fittings to its customers at home and abroad, Esen Plastik takes firm steps forward to be a worlwide company with its well-organised structure beyond its sublime position in the national quality movement and the unconditional customer satisfaction which it targets through its efforts.

Izmir Plant

Esen Plastik maintains its manufacturing and all other activities in its facilities covering a total area of 130.000 m2 at the Izmir Atatürk Organised Industrial Zone and Adana Haci Sabanci Organised Industrial Zone.Esen Plastik, the very first brand which Esen Plastik created in 1976; it maufactures for Superstructural Systems, PPRC sanitary pipes, GFRPP Fibreglass-reinforced Composite pipe and, PVC sewage pipes, PVC dublex sewage pipes with high sound insulation, PEX-b floor heating pipes, Pipe in Pipe PEX-B floor central heating and installation pipes, PEX-AL-PEX central heating and installtion pipes and PVC roof gutters,
For Infrastructural Systems, GRP Pipes, HDPE Corrugated Pipes, HDPE 100 Water network pipes, PE 80 Natural gas pipes, LDPE 32 Polyethylene pipes, PVC Pressure pipes, PVC Draining pipes, HDPE Telecommunication Data Conduits and HDPE Fibreoptical Protective conduits with silicone-coated inner surface, PVC waterproofing strips,
For Agricultural irigation Systems, PE Spring Irrigation, Round and Flat Drip Irrigation pipes and PVC Boring pipes .

Adana Plant

Esen Plastic Co, which has specialized in infrastructure systems.,  has started to produce up to 3000 mm diameter GRP pipes,  in the area of 43 thousand square meters factory in Organized Industrial Zone in 2009, equipped with the latest technology with high production capacity and a wide range of system solutions.

With this investment Esen Plastik has become the only company that produces  pipes from 3mm. diameter up to 3000 mm diameter. Besides the production of Infrastructure, agricultural irrigation, residential sector PVC, polyethylene, polypropylene tubing, by adding GRP pipe product line, the company has earned the title of, that having the broadest product portfolio in the sector.

Adana- GRP Pipe Productin Plant

Effective with the Weissesen brand in the international markets, Esen Plastik has in its product range such products of high quality as Door and Window profiles in the Titanium, Millennium, Sliding series,Profiles and Panels for Suspended Ceiling Systems,Shutter Systems, Wainscoting Panels, which all have a broad area of use in any spaces where people live. Esen Plastik keeps being a leader in the market by adding new products to its product range in accordance with the developed production Technologies and the requirements of the market.
One of the few pipe and profile manufacturers represent our country in the domestic and international markets, Esen Plastik A.S. has a firm market share in its sector and a production capacity of 130.000 tons per year. Investing in the developing production technologies and applying such technologies to its production, Esen Plastik A.S. has further created employment for 20.000 people all over Turkey, including 600 workers, engineers and employees.

More than 2000 diffeent products manufactured by Esen Plastik are subjected to a strict quality control tests at every stage of production. Thanks to different quality control tests at manufacturing stages, quality is ensured to be continuous. No products which fail to conform to the TSE and international standards may not be approved for production or sales. Quality efforts which started at Esen Plastik A.S. in 1995 concluded with the obtaining of the Qualiy System Certificate and was followed by the obtaining of the ISO 9001 Quality System Certificate. With the ISO 9000 Quality Assurance System,TSE, EN, DIN, GOST (Russia), INCERC (Romania) as well as Ukrainian and Chinese Quality Certificates have been obtained so profiles and plastic pipes are manufactured by the state-of-the-art technology.

In addition to the sales group at the Head Office in Izmir, the company strengthens both its exports and its sales in the domestic market through its Regional Office which is approximately 800 m2 in Istanbul. Esen Plastik maintains its investments in order to enhamce the quality of the products ad services which it offers to its customers, to be able to provide faster and more dynamic services, to perform production closer to the market in different regions of our country and to create employment for the people of our country.



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